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Power Clean Go 1100S

The Power Clean Go 1100S is one of our top portable options. It is great for cleaning on the move and creating a germ/bacteria free environment anywhere you need.

Hummer Jet Jr.

The Hummer Jet Jr. is great for indoor cleaning purposes. Designed to scrub the toughest floor grime with the power of high pressure and high speed rotating wand and dual nozzles.

Dual Nozzle Spray Wand

The Dual Nozzle Spray Wand is a high pressure spray gun designed to remove the toughest grime from your space. The dual nozzle feature allows you to easily switch from a chemical spray to water spray for quick and easy cleaning.

Foamer and Rinsing Gun

The SMT Foamer Gun is a high pressure chemical sprayer to help remove the toughest dirt and bacteria from your space.