About Us

Spray Master Technologies® is a brand line of Assembled Products® Corporation in Rogers, Arkansas founded in 1987. We pride ourselves in bringing the best solutions to our customers specific needs. Our systems are designed to accommodate a variety of facility needs and facilitate the cleaning process for all.

SMT Cleans the World!

Spray Master Technologies® is the world’s highest quality pressure washing system brand available. Each design, including the unique central system configuration, incorporates the highest quality components and design for exceptional cleaning in large facilities while saving labor, chemicals, water, and money.

Our experience with pressure washers began in the mid 1960’s, now SMT Cleans the World!®, providing high quality pressure washers to restaurants (both fine dining and quick service), hotels, schools, hospitals, convenience stores, animal care facilities, nursing homes, and even residences.

Where to reach us

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+1 (479) 246-6442

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115 E. Linden St., Rogers AR

Tech Service

+1 (800) 548-3373 Ext. 1


A Dedicated Sales Team

The SMT Sales team is dedicated to helping customers find the best cleaning and disinfecting solutions for their facilities. At SMT we understand that our customers have busy schedules along with the need to keep a safe environment for their employees and staff, for that reason our team is ready to work with customers to establish the best point of action to create the quickest and most efficient approach to creating the cleanest and safest environment for all.