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Power Up Your Clean

with Spray Master Technologies™

Greatest in Cleaning
and Disinfecting Solutions

We know that protecting patrons and staff is a top priority to our clients, that is why we are proud to deliver the greatest in cleaning and disinfecting technology. Our systems are designed from the ground up to work with robust disinfecting solutions proven to kill bacteria and viruses. Bring peace of mind to patrons and employees with the Power Clean systems from Spray Master Technologies.

What Our Systems Guarantee

Energy Efficient

Highly-efficient, SMT systems save
energy with shorter cleaning times.

Quality Clean

High quality components and designed for exceptional cleaning.

Eliminate Labor

Adjustable pressure settings and
labor-saving tools.

Reduce Time

Ready at the flip of a switch systems that require little set up time.

Save Water

Systems that use up to 75% less water than
an average garden hose.

Save Money

Benefits and features save you and
your business money.

Chemical Control

Systems that measure and inject chemicals,
using 75% less than others.

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