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Area Systems

Area pressure cleaning systems offer an effective and efficient way to clean targeted areas in your facility. Always ready to go, our area systems offer the ability to clean at the flip of a switch. With up to two chemical injectors, they make it easier to process measurements for accurate metering of your preferred soap and sanitizing agent.


All system units are compatible with our time saving and effective accessories including the Hummer Jet, Trap Shooter, and Wall & Tile Brush. With the addition of our accessories to your purchase, you will have all the cleaning tools you need for an optimal cleaning solution. As a Food Service facility, we encourage you to ask about our Deluxe Food Service Package.

Why Purchase Today

At SMT, we are known for our top quality products and superior service after the sale. All SMT products will provide a return on investment through reducing water, sewage, chemical, time, and labor while increasing the clean. We know the importance of providing the best clean for your facility and protecting your employees and customers from disease outbreak. We also understand that it’s a MUST to do this efficiently.

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Power Clean 2.0

SprayMaster’s new PowerClean 2.0 is the perfect solution for your indoor cleaning needs. With an effective and efficient combination of 1100 psi @ 2.1gpm, adjustable stainless steel chemical injectors, and a full line of cleaning accessories, the PowerClean 2.0 will provide daily cleaning and sanitizing results your customers will appreciate.

*Pictured with stainless steel mounting brackets

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